Javascript Message API

    Message API is used to show a message to the user or to get a confirmation from user.

    Message API is implemented using sweetalert by default. To make sweetalert work, you should include it's css & javascript files, then include abp.sweet-alert.js to your page as adapter.

    Show message

    Examples:'some info message', 'some optional title');
    abp.message.success('some success message', 'some optional title');
    abp.message.warn('some warning message', 'some optional title');
    abp.message.error('some error message', 'some optional title');

     A success message is shown below:

    Success message using sweetalert



        'User admin will be deleted.',
        'Are you sure?',
        function (isConfirmed) {
            if (isConfirmed) {
                //...delete user

    Second argument (title) is optional here (so, callback function can be second argument).

    A confirmation message is shown below:

    Confirmation message using sweetalert

    ASP.NET Boilerplate internally uses Message API. For example, it calls abp.message.error if an AJAX call fails.