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ASP.NET Boilerplate provides a set of objects and functions that are used to make JavaScript development easy and standards-based.

Here is a list of APIs in ASP.NET Boilerplate.
Click the headers to see more documentation about their usage.


Used to call server-side services using AJAX and evaluate the return value. Since ASP.NET Boilerplate's server-side code returns a standard response for AJAX calls, it's suggested you use this method to handle the standard return value.


Used to show auto-disappearing notifications.


Used to show message boxes (dialogs) to the user.

UI Block & Busy

Used to make an area (a div, a form, entire page...) blocked for user inputs. Also used to make an area busy (with a busy indicator).

Event Bus

Used to register to and trigger client side global events.


Used to write logs on the client-side.

Other Utility Functions

Some utility functions that make it easy to perform some common stuff.