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ASP.NET Boilerplate provides some common utility functions.


Used to create deep namespaces at once. Assume that we have a base 'abp' namespace and want to create or get a 'abp.utils.strings.formatting' namespace. Instead of this:

//create or get namespace
abp.utils = abp.utils || {};
abp.utils.strings = abp.utils.strings || {};
abp.utils.strings.formatting = abp.utils.strings.formatting || {};

//add a function to the namespace
abp.utils.strings.formatting.format = function() { ... };

We can write something like this:

var formatting = abp.utils.createNamespace(abp, 'utils.strings.formatting';

//Add a function to the namespace
formatting.format = function() { ... };

This simplifies things by safely creating deep namespaces. Note that the first argument is the root namespace that must exist.


Similar to string.Format in C#. Example usage:

var str = abp.utils.formatString('Hello {0}!', 'World'); //str = 'Hello World!'
var str = abp.utils.formatString('{0} number is {1}.', 'Secret', 42); //str = 'Secret number is 42'