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The ASP.NET Boilerplate framework is designed to be independent of any database schema and to be as generic as possible. Therefore, it leaves some concepts abstract and optional, like audit logging, session management and authorization, which require some sort of data store.

Module Zero implements all the fundamental concepts of the ASP.NET Boilerplate framework such as tenant management (multi-tenancy), role management, user management, session, authorization (permission management), setting management, language management, audit logging and more.

Microsoft ASP.NET Identity

This module has two versions:

  • The Abp.Zero.* packages are built on Microsoft ASP.NET Identity and Entity Framework 6.x.
  • The Abp.ZeroCore.* packages are built on Microsoft ASP.NET Core Identity and Entity Framework Core.

See all packages.

Source code

The source code of this module is also maintained in the main GitHub repository (Abp.Zero.* and Abp.ZeroCore.* projects).