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We all love to show some fancy auto-disappearing notifications when something happens, like when an item is saved or a problem has occurred. ASP.NET Boilerplate defines some standard APIs for that.

abp.notify.success('a message text', 'optional title');
abp.notify.info('a message text', 'optional title');
abp.notify.warn('a message text', 'optional title');
abp.notify.error('a message text', 'optional title');

It can also get a 3rd argument (object) as the custom options of the notification library.

The Notification API is implemented using the toastr library by default. To make toastr work, you must include toastr's CSS & JavaScript files, then include abp.toastr.js to your page.

A toastr success notification is shown below:

Success notification using toastr.js

You can also implement a notification in your favourite notification library. Just override all functions in a custom JavaScript file and include it in to your page instead of abp.toastr.js (You can check this file to see the implementation, it's pretty simple).